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Security RPC

Quickly identify the Security Data you want

Using Truss' Security RPC allows you to quickly request the security data you are most interested in finding. Remote Procedure Calls give you direct access to Truss' ever-growing security data repo.

Customized Security Data

Security that addresses your needs

Cut through all the security noise with Truss' continually adapting security pipeline and focus on the security that matters to you.

Decentralized Security Sourcing

The best security data from every security vendor

Did a competitor to your current security vendor/provider release protections that need to protect yourself?
Saving time, transcription errors, and potential false positives with Truss

Adapting Security

Security data tailored to YOU

Not every security alert affects you.
Some security alerts ONLY affect you.
It's time to leverage tailored and customized security data unique to you.

Leverage every security source

Security protection data from every security vendor

Don't settle for adhoc security intelligence thrown in by your vendor to outmaneuver the competitor at sell time.

Curated Security

Leverage security data tailored to your Infrastructure, Applications, Software, and the key threats you care about most.

APT, Ransomware, Phishing
Vulnerabilities, Exploits
Malware, Adware, Grayware
Region or Industry Specific

Adaptive Security

As you level up,  Truss does too. By providing you with security data you deem important.

If you bring in a new technology stack or remove the old, Truss will grow and shrink its delivered security data to match your focus.

Customizable Agents

Truss Agents continually monitor for the security products you want. When new intel hits the scene; Truss automatically pulls and notifies your security team.

Using a decentralized network of trusted security analysts, teams and organizations Truss always has the data that matters most to you.

Truss Remote Procedure Call

Security RPC

The Security RPC service is designed specifically for defenders seeking comprehensive access to security data and protections

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With API access to Truss' advanced RPC of high quality and industry-validated security intelligence all of the industry's best protections are available to you, instantly


Automated Security Gateway

Pairs seamlessly with your security platforms
DALL·E 2024-04-19 14.45.10 - Network Detection and Response


Endpoint Detection and Response
DALL·E 2024-04-19 14.50.18 - Security Information and Event Management


Security Information and Event Management
DALL·E 2024-04-19 14.45.05 - Endpoint Detection and Response


Network Detection and Response
DALL·E 2024-04-19 14.55.41 - Cloud Platform Security Services

CSP Security

Cloud Platform Security Services
Incentivized Intelligence

Direct Data Access

Individual IOCs

Malware IOCs
Security Report IOCs
Threat Group Campaign IOCs
Emerging Ransomware Variant IOCs
Phishing Campaign IOCs

Enterprise Package

Stress-free automation on emerging IOCs
Partner perks with Truss Development
Unlimited Downloads
Unlimited Uploads
Much, much more
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