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  Enhanced Intelligence For  
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Decentralized Security Intelligence

Leveraging technological advances to improve your defenses


Decentralized Intelligence

Thousands of researchers across the globe can contribute to Truss' advanced intelligence.

  • Unrivaled insight into today's most pressing security threats.
  • Providing detection and mitigation solutions to today's most viral security threats as soon as they emerge.

Web3 Intents

Connecting requests to their sources. The Truss network validates and verifies source data. Encrypting and transferring to your tools.

  • Verifiable supply chain for Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).
  • Enabling secure and legitimate detection and response times.

Flexible Intelligence

Indicators are indicators, but each security tool has its own formatting and query syntax. Truss handles the ingestion.

  • The same intelligence across your SIEM, EDR, SOAR, and Cloud security tools.
  • Keep the same queries and alerts you depend on, even if you migrate security tools/platforms.


Increased advances in serverless and blockchain technologies allow defenders to leverage
automation and higher degrees of transparency for sustained security operations.

Lower Costs

Decentralized security intelligence connects the right security with the right use cases. Allowing businesses to only pay for the security solutions that matter to them.


Buy and sell security solutions in real time. Reduce the dwell time of attackers by decreasing the time it takes to get actionable security detection solutions.

Enhanced Protection

Augment your security tool's intelligence with advanced protections to stop the attacks before they affect your business. No matter what tools you use.


Companies using Truss Intelligence